MILSET Volunteer Award


The MILSET Volunteer Award is presented every odd year to a young volunteer as recognition of their values, passion and commitment in promoting and supporting science and technology education for youth.

This award has been created in memory of Rune Thode Nielsen from Denmark. He was a model science and technology ambassador dedicated and proudly involved in his mission, handling great responsibility in a professional yet always friendly manner with a positive, optimistic and open-minded attitude.


  • The nominee must be under 30 years old.
  • The nominee must be actively involved in volunteering actions for at least five years for a MILSET member, a MILSET Region, or MILSET global.
  • The candidature has to be put together and endorsed by the nominee’s organisation.
  • The laureate receives a certificate and a trophy.
  • The laureate is named Honourable Member of MILSET for one year.
  1. Call for candidatures to all MILSET members and MILSET Regional Offices
  2. Presentation and vote by the MILSET Executive Committee


Year Volunteer Organisation Country Occasion
2012 Antoine van Ruymbeke JSB Belgium ESE 2012
2013 José Alberto Tenorio RED Mexico ESI 2013
2015 Tatiana Vompe OODI Russia ESI 2015
2017 José Alberto García RED MEXICO ESI 2017
2019 Denisa van Ruymbeke MILSET Europe Czech Republic ESI 2019