The International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology (MILSET - Mouvement International pour le Loisir Scientifique Et Technique) is a non-governmental, non-profit and politically independent youth organisation, which aims at developing scientific culture among young people through the organisation of science-and-technology programmes, including science fairs, science camps, congresses and other activities of high quality.

Mission and Objectives

MILSET supports its member organisations to engage youth in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) through motivation, cooperation, collaboration, and networking. We do this by:

  • Helping member organisations create a local or national environment to motivate youth to be involved in STEAM;
  • Connecting, supporting, and representing member organisations around the world;
  • Stimulating and supporting international youth networking and cooperation through STEAM; and
  • Providing member organisations with global opportunities to engage youth in STEAM.

MILSET is also a stakeholder in the current revolution of the Technologies of Information and Communication, and advocates the free sharing of knowledge and the building of true knowledge sharing societies, a stand exemplified in its participation to the parallel events to the World Summit on Information Societies through the World Youth Congress on Information and Knowledge Society.

Thanks to MILSET, tens of thousands of young people have already met to exchange and make the most of their creations, discuss with researchers, youth leaders and industrialists. They have developed projects together, discovered foreign languages and cultures, and have been trained to acquire new technologies.

Joining MILSET is adhering to its charter, that of a movement which is concerned about today's world, participates in the local development of scientific and technical education in leisure time, promotes international cooperation, sustainable development, citizenship and peace, by practicing sciences and technology in a spirit of respect, understanding and solidarity within different geographic and spiritual communities.


Roberto Hidalgo - Mexico


Ksenia Salnikova - Russia


Antoine van Ruymbeke - Belgium


Driss Louaradi - Morocco


Renata Melo - Brazil


Adnan Al-Meer - Kuwait


Reni Barlow - Canada


Houssem Eddine Boulkour - Algeria





Eugenio Urrutia - Mexico
Carole Charlebois - Canada
Interim Executive Director
Berenice Suárez - Mexico
Managing Director
Lisette Vela- Mexico
Communication Manager
José Alberto García- Mexico
IT Coordinator

Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)


Based on its mission and vision to engage youth in STEAM activities, MILSET has created the Youth Advisory Committee (YAC), a permanent committee composed of outstanding young volunteers who have actively participated in MILSET programmes.

This committee aims to reflect the youth's perspectives, needs and interests in our activities, and to eventually involve them in the governance of the organisation and the delivery of our services.


Alvaro Riquelme - Chile

Claudia Marin - Spain

Hamzah El Hassani - Jordan

Marcelo Jung - Brazil

Montserrat Ramírez - Mexico

Natalia Leontovitch - Russia

Safa Lasmar - Tunisia


Regional Advisory Committee (RAC)


Based on the key role that Regional Offices play regarding the engagement of youth in STEAM activities and in the governance of the organisation, MILSET has created the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), a permanent committee composed of representatives from the six MILSET regions; selected by the Regional Executive Committees and could either hold an official function on the Regional EC or be a leader of a Member’s organisation.

This committee aims to provide regional perspectives, needs and challenges and support the organisation by recommending actions for the development of strategies contributing to MILSET development and consolidation.


Reni Barlow - Canada

Johanna Olmos - Mexico

Hatem Slimane - Tunisia 

Alexander Leontovich - Russia

Denisa van Ruymbeke - Czech Republic

Nader Sherrid - Tunisia / Kuwait



MILSET Programmes and Events Philosophy Statement

MILSET programmes and events reflect the organisation’s non-negotiable values:

  • Participation: MILSET programmes and activities are open to all.
  • Ideology: MILSET programmes and activities focus on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) and are free of political, religious and other ideological agendas or propaganda.
  • Integrity: MILSET is honest, consistent, and clear in its conduct and relations with members, youth, and others.
  • Competition: MILSET believes that competition motivates youth to participate in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM); however:
    • ESIs are non-competitive events with a program that focuses on cooperation, collaboration, and networking. No form of project competition or awards is permitted; youth may be recognized equally for their participation.
    • Other MILSET programmes and activities may include competition, but only if the judging and award winner selection processes are clear, rigorous and equitable, and are conducted by people with recognized expertise in the applicable field(s). Competition that is perceived by participants to have been misrepresented, unfair, inconsistent, or lacking in credibility discourages youth and reflects badly on the organisation.




MILSET Award has been traditionally given to the host organization of the Expo-Sciences International since the 1st one in Canada in 1987.

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Derek Gray medal

The Derek Gray Medal is presented, during the MILSET Expo-Sciences International, to an individual outstanding contribution to the movement and its activities or the long term investment of an individual to the movement.

This award has been created in memory of Derek Gray from South Africa.

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Enrique Padilla Award

Enrique Padilla Award is presented, during the MILSET Expo-Sciences International, to a delegation participating to the current ESI while having struggled to bring as many young participants as possible despite difficult conditions.

This award has been created in memory of Enrique Padilla from Argentina.

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MILSET Volunteer Award

The MILSET Volunteer Award is presented every odd year to a young volunteer as recognition of their values, passion and commitment in promoting and supporting science and technology education for youth.

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ESI Cultural Award

The Cultural Award is presented during the MILSET Expo-sciences International, to a delegation participating to the current ESI. This award is presented to the delegation whose performance during the ESI cultural evening shows preparation, practice, and the full participation of the delegation while reflecting the unique culture of their country.

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ESI Best Delegation Award

The Best Delegation Award is presented, during the MILSET Expo-sciences International, to a delegation participating to the current ESI. This award should recognize, among other qualities of the delegation, their exemplary behaviourand their openness toward other cultures.

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ESI Young Scientists Award

The MILSET Young Scientists Award is presented during the MILSET Expo-Sciences International, to a delegation composed either of 9 to 12 year old participants or to a delegation that includes that age group.

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Over 35  years making history


MILSET is dedicated to promoting science and technology education for all. If you enjoy taking part in our activities and believe in our mission, please consider making a donation.