Journal on Science Engagement No.1

Submitted on 2012/07/05


This brochure is a collection of materials of the delegation Leaders’ Congress,
which was held as part of the ESE 2012 in Tula, Russia. We hope that such meetings,
where delegation leaders — teachers and scientists — can share their experience in
working with young people on their projects, will become a significant part of the
events organized by MILSET in the future. It is very important not only to present
your students’ projects but also to tell your colleagues how the project work was
organized and what the reasons for its successful completion were.

The Leader Congress (Tula, 2012) was held on June 5 and 6 from 10.00 till 13.00.
Everyone was welcome to make a speech of up to 15 minutes in length there. Totally,
we had over 20 speakers from 15 countries (Russia, Belgium, Germany, the Ukraine,
Slovenia, Bulgaria, and more), who spoke about their methods to successfully complete
projects in different spheres of science and technology told about their national
systems of students’ project activity organization, contests and conferences, presented
the projects, in which young people from different countries can take part.
The congress participants emphasized the importance of international teachers’
experience exchange within the framework of EXPO-SCIENCES.

We firmly believe that teachers’ congresses are highly efficient and very
a promising form of work at MILSET events, which will lead to further consolidation of
the MILSET community and set a course for its future development.