MILSET Africa, the regional African platform of MILSET, in English IMLAST (International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and technology) is an International organization dedicated to educate and introduce various cultures in science and technology for youngsters in Africa.

All the members and partners share a common field, working in the area of activities in science and technology, which make them different from other organizations.

La ligue des activités scientifiques et techniques de jeunes de la wilaya de Bejaia

Al-Jazari Robotics

Association des Petits Débrouillards Algériens

Ligue Wilayale des Activités Scientifiques et Techniques de Jeunes de Tizi Ouzou

Sabili Fondation

Golden Climate International Environmental Project Olympiad

Expo for Young Environmentalist

Organization for Creativity, Innovation and Invention Promotion

Genius Illumina