MILSET Collaboration


Thanks to the support of international institutions and organisations MILSET has become one of the most important STEAM organisations that provides youth from all over the world and its members, high-quality programmes to enhance the love for Science and to do networking.



The growth and development of MILSET along more than 30 years couldn't be possible without the support or MILSET main sponsor, an institution that shares the same values and philosophy, the Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla UPAEP in Mexico.

MILSET Headquarters are located inside UPAEP's campus since 2007. From this location, MILSET has been able to organise international programmes that have impacted thousands of young people from all over the world.



The Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla (UPAEP) is a private Mexican higher education institution of Catholic identity, founded by a community of university students and professors, which arises from the support of broad sectors of Puebla society, constituting itself as an authentic model of social solidarity.

"Culture at the Service of the People". Understanding culture as the way of seeing the world, life and the way of living it following our sociable nature, the University is involved through its being and doing for the benefit of the Community as an organized society.

The Historical Mission of UPAEP:
"demands the rescue of the values ​​and generic identity of the university institution for the current reality, as well as the training of social leaders."

The Cultural Mission of UPAEP:

"It requires an effective contribution to the evangelization of culture and the creation of currents of thought as a centre of study, research and dissemination, either because of the values ​​and attitudes of the students who are formed in it, or because of the proposal it produces. in all fields of knowledge and human activity. "

The Pedagogical Mission of the UPAEP:

"It claims for the truly comprehensive training of women and men, highly competent and supportive professionals.





One of the goals of MILSET is to associate with other institutions and organisations to enhance science and technology popularisation around the globe.

MILSET is proud member of RedPOP (The Network for the Popularisation of Science and Technology in Latin America and the Caribbean)


About RedPOP:

RedPOP, is an interactive network that brings together groups, programmes and centres for the popularisation of science and technology (S&T). It works through regional cooperation mechanisms that promote exchange, training, and the use of resources among its members.

It was created in November 1990, in Rio de Janeiro, at the request of UNESCO's Science, Technology and Society Programme.