MILSET Newsletter October/November 2016

Alexander Leontovitch

Dear Friends!

The work of MILSET Vostok office is gaining momentum. We are preparing for the main event - the 1st MILSET Vostok Expo-Sciences, which will be held this year in Moscow from November 15 to 19. It is not too late to register for the Expo on

As said before MILSET Vostok has been very active and several events have been attended to and also organised. In April traditional XXIII V.I.Vernadsky Youth Conference passed which was held in M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, which ranked among the top 100 universities in the World. The Conference was attended by more than 800 students from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and almost all the territories of Russia who have been chosen on the results of 32 regional conferences or self-registered. Participants were welcomed by the members of Russian Parliament and heads of the leading universities of Commonwealth of Independent States.

In June and July the IX International Research School (summer camp) took its place in Yershovo hotel near Moscow. This event has become traditional for organizations from many countries, which are members of MILSET. The camp was attended by over 100 students from Iran, Thailand, China, Mexico, Germany, Serbia, Portugal and other countries, as well as a number of Russian regions. The participants carried out projects in different areas, such as physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, sociology, and other disciplines. Traditionally, the School has been distinguished as a comfortable and friendly atmosphere provided by our psychologists.

The Russian delegation has also participated in Expo-Sciences Europe 2016 in Toulouse in July and presented 8 projects conducted by students from 6 cities of Russia, in Baikal International School from August 10 to 20 which was held on the unique Baikal lake in Buryatia and was attended by 150 students from China and 11 regions of Russia where participants explored unique nature of the Baikal lake and history of the World's longest TRANS-Siberian railway construction, in an event organized by the Minsk Institute of education development (teacher development, student scientific-practical conference) which was held in the Republic of Belarus and in an astronomical expedition with the team of high school № 92 in Almaty in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We also took part in the UNESCO conference in France in October this year represented by MILSET Vostok Executive Committee member, Ksenia Salnikova.

All MILSET Vostok team will continue working to strengthen Vostok office and provide our members with great events. See you soon in Expo-Sciences Vostok 2016!

Alexander Leontovich
MILSET Vostok President


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MILSET AMLAT Office had a successful mission to Antofagasta, Chile to follow up the activities related to Expo-Sciences AMLAT 2018.

MILSET Executtive Committee is preparing for its next meeting in Oman during Expo-Sciences Asia 2016.

MILSET Executtive Committee announced that MILSET has a new Director Miss Berenice Suarez who will be working from MILSET office in Puebla, Mexico.

Expo-Sciences International 2018 organising committee is preparing everything to receive delegations from all over the world in the beautiful city of Fortaleza, Brazil.

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