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MILSET Regional Expo-Sciences 2018

MILSET Young Citizens Conferences are dedicated to the views and concerns of youth regarding the social impact of science and technology on the modern world, gathering their voices from every part of the globe and encouraging them to actively enter the discussion.

Throughout the year, local, regional and national youth STEAM organisations around the world are invited to organise YCCs to encourage youth to discuss their thoughts and propose suggestions based on their knowledge and experience, the topic of this year is "Artificial Intelligence"



MILSET MILSET Regional Expo-Sciences
It is MILSET Regional Expo-Sciences season, we invite you to contact your regional office and paticipate!

MILSET Expo-Sciences Asia 2018
MILSET Expo-Sciences Europe 2018
MILSET Expo-Sciences Latin America 2018
MILSET Expo-Sciences Vostok 2018
YCC on Artificial Intelligence Young Citizens Conferences on Artificial Intelligence
From 1st March till 31st December we invite you to organize a conference and send the best youth's proposals to MILSET

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MILSET STEAM Photo Contest 2018 MILSET STEAM Photo Contest 2018
Taking a camera, shooting a picture is an easy deal. What about going further? What about using the pictures to discover science. From June to December you can participate and be part of this worldwide contest.
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MILSET AMLAT president Mr. Helio Brochier, vice-president Mrs. María Angélica Riquelme, ESI AMLAT 2018 president Vilma Tapia, and the organising committee met from March 18th to 33rd in Antofagasta, Chile to check the last details before receiving all delegations. Follow all the news on ESI AMLAT 2018 Facebook.

Mr. Adnan Almeer, MILSET vice-president and MILSET Asia president; Mr. Dawood Alahmad, MILSET Asia director, and Mr. Nader Serrid met his Excellency Yoo Yeonchul, the ambassador of the Republic of Korea of the State of Kuwait and the consul Mr. Yoo Sung Jae to talk about the importance of MILSET and MILSET Asia Expo-Sciences ESA 2018.

MILSET Executive Committee meeting was held in MILSET Asia regional office in Kuwait from 9th to 11th April.

MILSET Executive Committee attended the opening ceremony of the forum "Youth Successes" organised by MILSET Asia in Kuwait.

MILSET Honorary President Mr. Jean-Claude Guiraudon and MILSET General Secretary and Treasurer Mrs. Carole Charlebois received the MILSET grand prize medal during the " Youth Successes" forum opening ceremony in Kuwait for their great efforts, unlimited generosity and sincere dedication to the organisation.

MILSET Executive Committee, MILSET honorary President Mr. Jean-Claude Guiraudon, MILSET Asia President Mr. Adnan Al-Meer, and MILSET Asia Director Mr. Dawood Al-Ahmad visited in Kuwait, his Highness Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Sabah who has supported MILSET Asia office welcomed MILSET team and talked about the importance of promoting Arts and Science for youth.

MILSET Executive Committee visited the "Environmental Centre for Students" in Kuwait this centre collaborates very close with MILSET Asia and has developed several programs for youth to enhance its commitment to the environment and to guide them in the solution of ecological issues.

On 17th April The "Kuwait Cooperative Center for Students Programmes" convention was signed by Mr. Adnan Almeer MILSET vice-president and MILSET Asia president; his Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Alahmad, general president of the Kuwaiti Environment Authority; Mr. Meshal Alkharaz, Ministry of social affairs undersecretary, in charge of national cooperative programmes and Dr. Haithem Alathari, Ministry of education undersecretary with the presence of her Excellency Hind Al-Subih, minister of social affairs and labor and minister of State of planning and development.

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  • 26/04 - Europe: Belgian Science-Expo
  • 23/04 - Asia: Kuwait Cooperative Center for Students Programmes convention signature
  • 05/04 - Africa: Printemps des Sciences de FES-MEKNES 2018
  • 24/03 - Europe: I Giovani e le Scienze
  • 22/03 - Europe: Exporecerca Jove - MAGMA
  • 15/03 - Europe: European Science Day for Youth 2018
  • 26/02 - Asia: Innovation Leaders Programme-Yemen
  • 14/02 - Call:MILSET Expo-Sciences Asia 2022
  • 09/01 - Asia: I-FEST²
  • 07/12 - Europe: 33th Young Researchers Encounter - INICE
  • 27/10 - Asia: Saudi Arabia 1rst in Science Centres
  • 27/10 - Asia: Excellence Award from the ASTC
  • 01/10 - Asia: 5th Arab Robotics Conference
  • 02/09 - MILSET SPC 2017 winner!
  • 21/08 - Europe: 35th Youth Science Meeting
  • 06/08 - Europe: AstroCamp 2017
  • 06/08 - Europe: European Space Camp 2017
  • 30/07 - Europe: XVII Summer Research School in Mathematics and Informatics
  • 26/07 - Europe: London International Youth Science Forum LIYSF
  • 23/07 - Europe: S'Cool LAB Summer CAMP
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