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The Science Tourism team offers you an idea to start and set up direct ties between your organizations: Science Tours!

  • A brand new kind of tourism
  • Explore new cultures , see new horizons in science
  • Establish new international ties
  •  Give your students and experience they will remember for Lifetime

It is widely known that tourism is a very important branch of economics. People travel to recreate or to learn something new. Usually this last goal includes the acquaintance with the history, art and architecture of the visited country or city. But why not add the scientific world to all that? Why not visit universities, scientific and research institutes, science museums, where scientific knowledge is preserved, communicated from generation to generation and multiplied. Young people should learn about this world the way they learn about the culture of the place where they go on tour. They also should know that the world of science is a part of the whole.

That’s why we suggest a new kind of tourism for children and young people - Science Tours.

Science Tours - tours to the most scientifically prominent places of the country: universities, science institutes, centres and museums.

Science Tours - tours that besides sightseeing have a large study part in their programs, that include lectures and workshops, lab, archive or field research. It is very important that the knowledge that children obtain during the Science Tour is transmitted by those who create this knowledge immediately (the teacher in the school also transmits the knowledge, but they themselves don’t create it).

If you want to have really unforgettable science holidays for your students or if you want and can organize a science tour for foreign students in your country, please fill in the form We will help you to find a partner.


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1st European Ecotour
Dates: 28/03/2016 - 01/04/2016
Organisers: MILSET Europe, NSTF
Place: Malta
Number of participants: 40
Level: International
Age limits: 18+
Language: English
Fee: 150€
Contact address:
Russia: Best Polytechnic Universities
Age limits: Russia
Participation: 10-40 high school of university students and 1-4 teachers
Contact address:

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