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Kuwait was chosen to be the headquarters of Milset Asia office, the representative of Milset in Asia which is the biggest of all continents and which has the largest population area and population.  Asia has a diversity of cultures, ethnic groups, origins, religions and sects. Many Asian countries are high-tech and state- of –the- art ones.

Milset Asia Office is the first regional office for Milset to be established at continent level after Milset creation in 1987.

Milset Asia office includes a multitude of Asian countries which are represented in Milset Asia executive committee. Milset Asia office co-ordinates connections among Asian countries through conferences, and invitations to Educational and Scientific institutes to participate in the regional and international activities.

Asia had hosted the fifth Expo-Sciences International ESI in 1995 and the first Expo-Sciences Asia was organized in Kuwait in April, 2010.In addition to that, many events were organized and hosted at the regional level. Asian countries have always had abundant participation in the international events.

For Arabic version, please refer to: http://www.milsetasia.org

Young Citizens Conferences on Science Learning
Dates: 01/01/2017 - 31/12/2017
Organiser: MILSET
Place: Global
Level: International
Contact address: ycc@milset.org
Website: http://learning.ycc.milset.org
5th Arab Robotics Conference
Dates: 03/10/2017 - 05/10/2017
Organiser: Emirates Science Club
Place: Dubai , UAE
Contact address: mouna@moonmediaco.com
Website: http://escuae.org/robotics/en/

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