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The General Secretariat for Latin America of the International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology was created in Puebla, México during the 7th International ExpoSciences ESI ´99. Actually the headquarters are in Santiago, Chile and every two years since 2002 it is organized the Latinamerican ExpoSciences ESI-AMLAT:

1st  Latinamerican Expo-Sciences ESI-AMLAT 2002, Talca, Chili
2nd Latinamerican Expo-Sciences ESI-AMLAT 2004, Fortaleza, Brazil
3rd  Latinamerican Expo-Sciences ESI-AMLAT 2006, Veracruz, Mexico
4th  Latinamerican Expo-Sciences ESI-AMLAT 2008, Lima, Peru
5th  Latinamerican Expo-Sciences ESI-AMLAT 2010, Sao Luis, Brazil
6th  Latinamerican Expo-Sciences ESI-AMLAT 2012, Asuncion, Paraguay

MILSET es miembro de la RED de Popularización de la Ciencia y la Tecnología para América Latina y el Caribe (Red POP).

Young Citizens Conferences on Energy
Dates: 01/01/2015 - 31/12/2016
Organiser: MILSET
Place: Global
Level: International
Topic: Energy
Contact address:
Science and Engineering International Forum FICI 2016
Dates: 24/08/2016 - 27/08/2016
Organiser: C.C. Club Ciencias Chile-Museo de la Educación Gabriela Mistral
Place: Santiago, Chile
Age limits: 25
Language: Spanish
Fee: 370 USD
Registration deadline june 30
Contact address:
Expocytar 2016
Dates: 06/10/2016 - 08/10/2016
Organiser: Red CITECO
Place: La Pampa, Argentina
Number of participants: 300
Level: National
Age limits: 6 - 25
Language: English - Spanish
Participation: International
Registration deadline September 14
Contact address:
MILSET Expo-Sciences International 2017
Dates: 06/08/2017 - 12/08/2017
Organisers: MILSET, MILSET Brazil
Place: Fortaleza, Brazil
Level: International
Contact address:

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