MILSET Newsletter April / May 2017

Carole Charlebois

The MILSET Family is celebrating its 30th Anniversary

Back in 1987, MILSET had its debute in my home town Québec City (Canada), during the 1st MILSET Expo-Sciences International. In this 30th anniversary, I wish to acknowledge the vision and spirit of our founding members, especially the leadership of Michel Bois, Jean-Claude Guiraudon and Adnan AlMeer. I cannot ignore the enormous contribution of our first president, the late Maurice Huppé, Executive Vice-President at Hydro-Québec, a company that financially supported MILSET from the very beginning.

My first participation to a MILSET Expo-sciences International was in Prague in 1991 as I was head of delegation of the Canadian team. That year, I was given the honour to be elected on the MILSET Executive Committee. Much to my surprise, this appointment opened the doors to a new family of friends, a family composed of much cultural diversity yet recognising the contribution of each individual. This volunteer base team has pooled their expertise working together towards common goals based on a common vision: Inspiring youth through science and technology initiatives.

In my previous function, as Executive Director of the Conseil de développement du loisir scientifique (1991-2011), I had the privilege to accompany the Canadian delegation at eleven ESI. These young students will be tomorrow's leaders and the future of our societies. They revived my passion and interest to fight for the place they deserve in society. MILSET must be open to their vision. I sincerely hope that some former participants of ESI will be involved in shaping the future of MILSET. We must welcome this eventuality.

Throughout all these years, I had the pleasure to collaborate with individuals of great value. MILSET is a great international family to be part of and I thank each and everyone for your involvement in MILSET.

Happy 30th Anniversary and long life to MILSET!

Carole Charlebois
MILSET General Secretary-Treasurer


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MILSET 30th anniversary MILSET 30th anniversary
This year MILSET celebrates its 30th anniversary and invites MILSET members to join the celebration during ESI 2017.
MILSET Science Photo Contest 2014 MILSET Science Photo Contest 2017
Taking a camera, shooting a picture is an easy deal. What about going further? What about using the pictures to discover science?

From February 1st till July 1st, you are invited to submit your most thrilling scientific pictures
YCC on Science Learning Young Citizens Conferences on Science Learning
During one year, you are invited to join the YCC and set conferences. This year's topic is "Science Learning"

Interested? Organise a workshop and join the voice of the youth!

MILSET Europe held its first ohysical Executtive Committee meeting on Feruary 18th in Brussels, Belgium.

MILSET Asia, MILSET AMLAT, MILSET Europe and MILSET Vostok delegations participated in the Taiwan International Science Fair from February 6th to 10th in Taipei, Taiwan.

MILSET Vice-President, Reni Barlow and General Secretary, Carole Charlebois visited MILSET office in Puebla, Mexico last February and met the Rector of UPAEP University who has supported and facilitated MILSET work around the world.

MILSET Asia and the Talented Youth Academy from Yemen prepared the Hadhramout "Innovation Prize".

MILSET Asia has been accredited by Arduino to organize the scientific events of Arduino International Day which was held on April 1st in the State of Kuwait.

MILSET Asia organised several workshops to commemorate Arduino's day.

International Research School organising committee is getting ready to wellcome all participants to this exciting event.

MILSET will exhibit winner photos from the Sciene Photo Contest SPC during ESI 2017 next August in Fortleza, Brazil.

The Young Citizens Conferences topic of this year is "Science Learnig" you are welcome to organise a local or national conference. This year the YCC main conference will be held in Fortaleza, Brazil during ESI 2017.

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