14/05/2015 Infomatrix 2015
30/04/2015 Africa: Golden Climate International Environmental Project Olympiad
24/04/2015 Europe: WetenschapsEXPOsciences
21/04/2015 Asia: Milset Asia establishes new clubs of robotics and scientific activities in Kuwait
Milset Asia Office in the State of Kuwait continues the process of opening new clubs of robotics and scientific activities in the schools of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education. The number has amounted to 46 clubs for activities in robotics and other scient
06/04/2015 Asia: DOESEF (Doğanata Education Science Energy Engineering Fair)
Doğanata Institutions have brought the people together in İzmir, the beautiful pearl of the Aegean, for the purpose of exhibiting their research projects conducted in physics, chemistry, biology, energy and engineering.
01/04/2015 ESI 2015 - Registration deadline on 1st May 2015
27/03/2015 Asia: The 8th Arab Robotics Contest Jordan
Held in Jordan from 20-23 March this amazing event had the participation of 500 participants aged between 9 and 25 distributed to 91 teams HRH Prince Hamzah attended the opening ceremony and had a look at some of the projects designed by the students.
23/03/2015 Asia: 2nd Omani innovations Fair
16/03/2015 Asia: Kherad School Science Fair
09/03/2015 Asia: Visit of the director of Talented Youth Academy, Yemen to MILSET Asia-Kuwait
Engineer Mohamed Salem Alsaban, director of the Talented Youth Academy, Yemen, visited Kuwait on invitation from MIILSET Asia Office from 31-1-2015 to 5-2-2015. In his visit, Mr. Alsaban led a workshop where he presented the scientific experience of the T
09/03/2015 Asia: 9th Kuwait Annual School Robot Competition
KUWAIT, Feb 23. The International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology (MILSET) Asia Office announced Monday that the results of the final qualifying competition of the ninth Kuwait Annual School robot competition, held under auspices
05/03/2015 Europe: Today is the European Science Day for Youth 2015
04/03/2015 Google Science Fair 2015
Google Science Fair encourages students to change the world through scientific inquiry. They'll learn about their chosen topic and develop key skills along the way.
10/02/2015 Europe: Denmark: International Science Summer Camp 2015
02/02/2015 MILSET Newsletter – February / March 2015
25/01/2015 The MILSET Science Photo Contest 2015 is now open
25/01/2015 Europe: The European Science Day for Youth 2015 on Light will take place on 5th March
01/01/2015 Happy New Year!
01/01/2015 Join the Young Citizens Conferences on Energy
01/12/2014 MILSET Newsletter - December 2014 / January 2015
16/11/2014 Amlat: National Mexican Expo-Science
The National Mexican Expo-Sciences is an event organized by RED Nacional de Actividades Juveniles en Ciencia y Tecnología (National Network of Technological and Scientific Activities for Youth). The main objective of this event is to promote youth parti
01/11/2014 ESI 2015 - Get ready with your visas
30/10/2014 Asia: Indonesia: IEYI 2014
International Exhibition for Young Inventors (IEYI) is an annual event for the youth to exhibit their creativity in invention and innovation that has been held since 2004. IEYI initiation based on the results of The International Forum of Intellectual Pro
01/10/2014 MILSET Newsletter – October/November 2014
01/10/2014 ESI 2015 - Get cheaper rates for your flight tickets

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