04/05/2007 Europe: Executive Committee meeting in Brussels
03/05/2007 Europe: 3rd ESDY: 'The Tops'
29/04/2007 Europe: Representation at the Latvian Expo-Sciences in Riga
Antoine van Ruymbeke has represented MILSET Europe during the projects' presentation expoorganized by the VJIC in Riga, Latvia.
Two projects will represent Latvia at the 11th ESI in Durban.
27/04/2007 Amlat: Tomas Alva Edison School in Mexico City realize the Second Metropolitan ExpoSciences at the Civil Engineering College
20/04/2007 Amlat: Winner projects from Chile and Mexico receive recognitions at the International Science and Engineering Forum Closing Ceremony
18/04/2007 Amlat: Chile hosts the First International Science and Engineering Forum Supralevel Category at the Central Library in Santiago
15/04/2007 Europe: Representation at the Italian Expo-Sciences in Milan
Antoine van Ruymbeke has represented MILSET Europe during the 19e Italian selection of scientific projects organized by the FAST in Milan, Italy.
Two projects will represent Italia at the 11th ESI in Durban
08/04/2007 Happy Easter!
04/04/2007 Europe: Meeting with CIRASTI regional Presidents in La Fère, France
Antoine van Ruymbeke, MILSET Europe president, meet the CIRASTI regional Presidents to work on the development of French participation into MILSET Europe programs.
01/04/2007 ESI 2007 registration to be closed the 15th April
01/04/2007 Europe: Representation at Junior Internet in Bratislava
Steffen Starz and Peter Slosar have represented MILSET Europe at Junior Activity organised by AMAVET Slovakia and Together.
A MILSET prize was given
27/03/2007 MILSET signs collaboration contract with Agency for Interdisciplinary Research and Regional Development at Yucatan State in Mexico
22/03/2007 Amlat: More than 180 projects was presented at the Regional ExpoSciences Puebla-Tlaxcala in Mexico
12/03/2007 Europe: Newsletter n°1 - March 2007
11/02/2007 MILSET Executive Committee meeting in Paris
09/02/2007 MILSET 20th Anniversary Congress (Part I)
The MILSET representatives and guests meet in Paris to work on MILSET future
01/02/2007 Europe: Results of the 3rd European Science Day for Youth
The winnnig activity "The Tops" was proposed by Chrisitan Vandercammen from Belgium
The winning logo was designed by Pedro Gimenez from Spain
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01/02/2007 Europe: 1st European Science Photo Contest
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17/01/2007 ESI 2007 registration open
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02/12/2006 ESI 2007 Pre-registration open
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13/11/2006 Europe: 4th Expo-Med
Opening of the 4th Expo-Med in Malta
06/09/2006 ESI 2007 preparation meeting
MILSET Office and guests meet in Durban, South-Africa to prepare the ESI 2007
28/08/2006 Africa: 1st Expo-Sciences Africa (ESA 2008)
Opening of the 1st ESA in Windhoek, Namibia
31/07/2006 AMLAT: Expo-Sciences International AMLAT (ESI AMLAT 2006)
Opening of the 3rd ESI Amlat in Veracruz, Mexico
16/07/2006 Europe: 6th Expo-Sciences Europe
Opening of the 6th ESE in Tarragona, Spain

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