Science Camps

A Young Torches for Science group of activities.

Science Camps bring together a group of young people -usually about 50- for a week or two to learn and discover science. This also allows the participants to learn about different cultures and ideas. These camps may be held on a national or international level and can be general or on a specific theme (eg. biology, astronomy, robotics), linking theory with a practical approach.

MILSET is working on the development of a European calendar of Science Camps.

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  • Expose and learn new ideas in different fields of science
  • Share an incredible adventure with youngsters from all over Europe
  • Discover new cities, countries and cultures


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International Science Summer Camp 2017
Dates: 20/08/2017 - 26/08/2017
Organisers: TKK, MILSET Europe
Place: Budapest, Hungary
Number of participants: 100
Level: International
Fee: 150€
Topic: Info-communication
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Deadline: 1st May 2017
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